Snoring Therapy and Treatment
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Snoring Therapy and Treatment

Millions of people are affected by snoring. When you sleep your muscles and soft tissues relax, which shrinks your airway. This increases the velocity of the airflow when you are breathing and as the air velocity is increased, soft tissues of the palate and nasopharynx vibrate rapidly. The vibrations are what we refer to as snoring.

Non-surgical Versus Surgical Treatments

Surgical treatment will likely involve the removal of tissue to improve the airflow. Many chronic snorers choose non-surgical intervention to increase the airflow. For those that opt for the non-surgical intervention, I recommend a custom fabricated device that moves the lower jaw into a forward position. This increases the space in the airway tube and reduces the air velocity and soft tissue vibration.

How Do I Order a SilentNite® Device?

If we determine that you are a good candidate for the SilentNite® device we would take dental impressions of your mouth. We would then send those impressions to the laboratory to have your custom device made. Once we receive your device, we would schedule an appointment to show you how to wear the device and to assure that it was made correctly.


For additional information, please watch this video from SilentNite®.


If you would like to get additional information on the SilentNite® device, please call (301) 530-2212 and schedule an appointment with me.

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