Why Choose Ceramic Veneers?
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Why Choose Ceramic Veneers?

Are you looking to improve your smile?


You might want to consider Ceramic Veneers. A veneer is a thin covering that is placed over your tooth. Veneers are sculpted for each patient and, when done correctly, it is nearly impossible to tell a veneer from a natural tooth.


They are a popular treatment for correcting severely discolored, crooked, or poorly shaped teeth. They can also be used to correct worn or chipped teeth.

What Can I Expect at My Appointment?

To prepare your teeth for the veneers, your dentist will need to slightly modify your teeth in order to accommodate for the placement of the veneers. Typically, you will receive a local anesthetic and then about half a millimeter of your tooth will be removed.


An impression will then be taken and sent to a laboratory where your veneers will be made. It takes approximately a week to get the veneers back from the laboratory.


At your second appointment, your dentist will place each veneer on your tooth to make sure it is a good fit. Once the veneers are ready to be applied to the tooth a special chemical is used to cement the veneer to your natural tooth. Once applied a special light is used to harden the cement.

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

Once your veneers are in place, you may go through a short period of adjustment. The size and shape of your teeth may feel slightly different. Be sure to continue to brush and floss your teeth. The veneers are not a substitute for dental hygiene.


Your confidence will sore with your new veneers! If you would like additional information, please call (301) 530-2212 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mazziota.

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